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From the 'center' of the art World in the Idaho Mountains....

Jeffrey Weston and Late in the Evening
Abstract Musical Cubism Painting

Jeffrey Weston is one of the most interesting artists living in America today. His artistic styles encompass Abstract Musical Cubism Paintings, Rhythmic Impressionist Landscape and Colorful Cubist Wall Sculptures. He is also a world class Snow and Ice Sculptor.
Much of his work is ingrained with musical elements and those who live to play and express themselves. We see canvases filled with guitar players, trumpeters and troubadours who just have to play to exist.

According to Jeffrey Weston, there is no end to the universe and thus everywhere is the center of the universe. So .... here we are in the the center of the art world. And like gravity, new, integral, challenging, quality thoughts collect around spiritually active individuals. So.... there is definitely some centering going on around here.

Jeff always loved the Impressionist period and those that followed into the beginning of the 20th century. He always felt that he was an apprentice to Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Calder and others. A lot of the later work from the 50's on struck him as a period of mannerism with followers following followers. Jeff preferred to follow the sound line of the centuries and stayed close to the real masters of modern art. By using self imposed limiting directions, slight variations occurred that eventually became great deviations. While his art started out looking similar to others it now has a distinct quality all it's own.

Today his art is definitely defining the new century and a lot more attention is being paid to his work. Along the way he has had articles done about him in New York magazines, shown work in New York and Vegas, been seen in Art News, and participated in International Art Fairs like Art Expo.

He would be the first to tell a young artist, "Don't do what I did and spend 40 years in the wilderness. Go to a big city where people buy and collect art." But he would also tell you that "everything in the universe is exactly where it is supposed to be because it couldn't possibly be anyplace else."

Jeffery Weston is one of the most diverse, interesting and sought after artists alive today

The Bridge at the Edge of the Universe
by Jeffrey Weston

Perception and Reality

Jeffrey Weston is a 21st century Renaissance man. A lifetime artist, Jeffrey won the 2005 U.S. National Snow Sculpture Championship and has participated in International events as well. He is a four-time, bronze medalist at the World Ice Carving Championships and has shown paintings in New York City, San Francisco, Vegas and other cities. His work has been featured in ‘Art In America’ and other national art magazines, and he has participated in International art fairs, including Art Expo.

Jeffrey is currently writing a musical and is also an inventor, cartoonist, philosopher and Bible scholar. This book is a summation of much of the knowledge acquired over a lifetime of study. Teaming up with new discoveries by Dr. David Hawkins and his Spiritual Consciousness Map, Jeffrey expands this awareness of transformational experience so that the reader can participate in a very fulfilling journey towards greater levels of awareness and becoming one with the world around us.

Christian truths, long ignored become self-evident, and contribute to the experience of enlarging consciousness which allows us to expand into realms of discovery not formerly imagined. After taking this short journey we will see the world differently and get better results in our lives.

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