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Jeffrey Weston Art Galleries

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Abstract Musical Cubism Paintings

Abstract Musical Cubism Paintings

Musical cubist abstract painting is one of Jeffrey Weston's favorite subjects. Although his work looks different, he is continually compared with Picasso. His rhythms and textures are also compared to Van Gogh. The artist has an international style. Jeffrey's art is very colorful, full of life and spiritual energy.

The artist focuses on groups in live performance or photographs and starts a process through drawing of abstracting and manipulating the forms into new and exciting shapes and colors. The results are always fresh and alive. This process has evolved over many years to where Mr. Weston is one of the preeminent artists alive today who deals with musical cubism and musical instruments themes. Other subjects in abstract form include sports, Bible scenes and portraits.

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Rhythmic Landscape and Impressionist Painting

Rhythmic Landscape and Impressionist Painting

Mr. Weston follows the examples of the Impressionists and Expressionists like Monet and Van Gogh. Jeffrey's art is full of life, color and spiritual energy.

Every summer, when the snow is off the ground and the weather is warmer, the artist goes outside to paint plain air in front of nature. He is one of the few artists alive who can switch gears and paint in totally different international styles. His impressionist work is very much in the tradition of the great 19th century masters. One difference is a total knowledge of the picture plane and like Cezanne, the artist uses this element to bring his subjects to the surface and not let them get lost in the distance. Also Jeff's knowledge of Van Gogh allows him to see the space and perspective which we all share. His abstract compositions are still evident even in the impressionist work.

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Colorful Cubist Wall Sculptures

Colorful Cubist Wall Sculptures

Cubist Wall Sculptures are unique, intricate, abstract inventions of Jeffrey Weston. Made of mixed media on a base of wafer board and using lightweight polyurethane foam and other materials these creations will vibrantly and colorfully adorn contemporary homes and office environments. Coated with layers of clear, low gloss plastic these wonderful multi dimensional wall sculptures will become the focal point of any collection.

At the University of Oregon in 1974, Jeffrey Weston received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture having studied under Jan Zack who was a personal friend of many of the Cubist sculptors we read about in early 20th Century. The cubists and Picasso in particular have fascinated and remained a perpetual source of inspiration for Mr. Weston paintings and sculpture for 40 years.  Until now he is considered one of the best Cubist's alive today. Some of his colorful, large scale paintings also have built up, three dimensional areas as well.

Jeffrey Weston was also the 2005 United States National Snow Sculpture Champion as well as an international Ice Sculptor. Using cubist principles the artist has been able to apply this to many snow and ice sculptures as well as other mediums.

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Snow and Ice Sculptures

Jeffrey first became interested in snow sculpture upon moving into the central Idaho mountains in 1992.  In the nearby resort community of McCall there is a Winter Carnival which needed sculptors.  It was a perfect fit and for 18 years Jeff has been building two or three snow sculptures up to 16 feet tall every year.

Along the way he had twice won the Idaho State Championship and got second at Nationals back in Wisconsin. In 2005 he was the United States Snow Sculpture Champion.  Usually with three or four person teams he has gone on to do other national and international events.

Three years ago Jeff was introduced to ice sculpture and asked to design and participate at the World Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska.  His team has taken third in the abstract multi block division for three years straight and wants to finally win this world event this year.  There are usually teams competing from over 16 different countries.

Here are some addresses to check out: www.IceAlaska.com and www.usnationals.org

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Bible and Spiritual Paintings

Bible and Spiritual Paintings

Many people have liked my abstracts paintings of Bible Scenes. I have studied afnd wrote about the Holy Bible most of my life. It is living history. It's alive in my fmind and I like to make it come alive for others.  I am positive that I know the scriptures better than Salvador Dali and he did 100 images for 'The Biblia Socra' series for a Spanish Bible. I like it when Christians write to me and ask to use an image for their church bulletins or such.

It would be fun to do a big stained glass window or something for a large Church like Marc Chagall did in Jerusalem for a Ladies group. I also do what I term 'Spiritual Paintings' that deal with enlightenment and one's spiritual path towards higher consciousness

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