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The Bridge at the Edge of the Universe
by Jeffrey Weston

Perception and Reality

Jeffrey Weston is a 21st century Renaissance man. A lifetime artist, Jeffrey won the 2005 U.S. National Snow Sculpture Championship and has participated in International events as well. He is a four-time, bronze medalist at the World Ice Carving Championships and has shown paintings in New York City, San Francisco, Vegas and other cities. His work has been featured in 'Art In America' and other national art magazines, and he has participated in International art fairs, including Art Expo.

Jeffrey is currently writing a musical and is also an inventor, cartoonist, philosopher and Bible scholar. This book is a summation of much of the knowledge acquired over a lifetime of study. Teaming up with new discoveries by Dr. David Hawkins and his Spiritual Consciousness Map, Jeffrey expands this awareness of transformational experience so that the reader can participate in a very fulfilling journey towards greater levels of awareness and becoming one with the world around us.

Christian truths, long ignored become self-evident, and contribute to the experience of enlarging consciousness which allows us to expand into realms of discovery not formerly imagined. After taking this short journey we will see the world differently and get better results in our lives.

(This book is 60 pages long)

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The Bridge at the Edge of the Universe

The Bridge at the Edge of the Universe

The Bridge at the Edge of the Universe

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Autograph info:
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Excerpt from the back cover:

Harold Weston was a Champion Golfer. He lived his life according to the rules of golf.

Never talk when someone is hitting. Count all your strokes. Learn from your mistakes.

Play the ball where it lays. Be honest before God. Play against the course.

Wait for your turn. Be courteous to others. Enjoy every minute God gives you.

Change Yourself, Change the World

People say," I am going to change the world."

The world, however, is perfect, just the way it is. I can see how, we can make the world poorer , through pollution and mismanagement of natural resources but what we really need to do is, to change ourselves.

This book speaks to a place inside of us all that continually searches for better ways to negotiate through our mutual time and space. Art is an essential framework for life. It allows for creation, appreciation of nature and the processes we use to navigate and reach for deeper understandings of our immediate environment.

Lines are spiritual. Letters are made up of lines. Each letter is made to represent a symbol. Every symbol has meaning.'I' is for a man standing upright.'O' is for the infinite.'C' is an'O' cut off. So we get words like constitution, confusion, control, and collusion.'B' is for beginnings. So we get words like birth, baby and breasts.'E' is electrifying, elegant and elemental. To define a word look at each letter and you will find a way of understanding new meaning in what you see. One can also look up a definition of a word, then, look up each word in the definition. Now you will understand the essence of that word.

Every word is a collection of these symbols. Each sentence embodies an idea. A group of sentences express a topic and every paragraph builds the structure of the page. Every page is like a work of art equivalent to a painting. Every page develops from the ideas and pages before it. They are all individual themes that build a new paradigm or world view and can be read several times for new understanding. I design each page with the same care I put into a painting.

Be sure to stop after each chapter to contemplate it. Meditation takes you out of the world. Contemplation allows you to keep working. A few pages may feel slow but there is something on every page that is important for your understanding of the last chapters.
This book represents a lifetime of study and reflection. It has within its pages, concepts that can change the way you see your world and react to situations that unfold in front of you.

Happiness is not a place but a state of mind. If this book has found its way into your hands, then the universe is waiting to have a conversation with you. If you read two pages a day you will finish in three weeks. Enough time to make new habits. David Hawkins said, "30 people cannot swim out and lift a boat on a lake, but, if one individual expands his or her consciousness, it raises every ship in the ocean."

Enjoy your journey.

Chapter 1
Our thoughts are not our own

I wake up in the morning and wonder, where have I been? What was my last thought? Is it like Shakespeare's old reflection ... "to be or not to be?" Boy, what a question. I don't think that's the point. I have a hard time turning my mind off at night. It seems to think all the time and thoughts keep coming in. They continually keep pouring in from someplace. If my thoughts were my own, I could just turn my mind off, but I have found repeatedly, that just telling my mind to go to sleep, doesn't work.

Ever since I was a boy I have had a strange ability to see the same thing, whether my eyes were open or shut. I always see light. I don't see darkness nor know what it is like. I always thought everyone saw the same things that I did. It was years later that I found out that most other people see things differently. When I was about eight years old, our family went bowling and I asked my dad, "How do you tell whether it's the first or the second ball that you are throwing?" He pointed out two little triangular lights that change with each ball thrown, but I could not distinguish them. Dad turned to mom and said, "Betty, we had better get Jeff's eyes checked." , I got glasses and a whole new world opened up for me. I remember as we drove up Canyon Road saying, "Mom, there are leaves on the trees." I still have glasses, but I love the fact that I can take them off and have a totally different way of looking at the world.

I have a daughter who had dyslexia in the third grade, when we first sent her to public school. I told her this story and said that when she figured out her own way of learning, that she would be miles ahead everyone else because she would have two ways of looking at the world. She went on to be as a senior student of the year. She went places and did things I never dreamed of doing when I was in High School. Now she is studying acting in college. With imagination we can accomplish great things.

If our thoughts are not our own, then where do they come from? Well, obviously they have to come from outside of us. And what I understand now is that universal consciousness is everywhere. You may want to call it God or Jesus or any of a number of other names, but it is still there. This consciousness permeates all things. If God is everywhere, then He must also be inside of us. Even if we are not aware of this, it still is true. When I meet someone, I always acknowledge within myself, that God is within this person and all people I meet as well. There is a statement that Jesus made to the Pharisees. He said, "Why are you trying to arrest me?" And they answered,'because you've made yourself equal to God'. Jesus replied, "Do you not know where it is written, ye are gods?"

Consciousness is everywhere in the universe. There is no center, and every place is the center. The thoughts that come in to us have been wandering around in the universe for millions of years. It is good to surround yourself with thoughts that are uplifting and that allow one to be happy. It is also possible to surround yourself with groups of thoughts that have character and integrity.

When Moses was at the burning bush, and was told to go to Egypt and save his family, Israel, he asked, "Who shall I say, has sent me?" The reply was, "Tell them that, 'I AM', has sent you." The great I AM is the ever living present moment. It is a place that exists where you recognize the immensity of consciousness. It is a spiritual place of awareness that appears when one goes beyond the personal self, into an area that is much, much larger; where all things are possible; in the present moment.

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