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Marti Gras

Musical Cubism

Musical Cubism describes not only the subject of many of Jeffrey's abstract paintings but also hints at a deeper level of understanding between sound vibration, vision and color. The way we perceive our surroundings can vary greatly between looking out at a mountain stream or being on a noisy boulevard in a crowded city.

Living in an isolated area in Idaho has allowed Jeffrey the luxury of having lots of quiet space in which to develop his sound art and visual theories in an uncomplicated environment. Vision and sound have always been tied closely together in his perceptions with the result that over many years they have become intertwined in imagery and philosophy.

He sees everything in the universe as being connected together and by tapping into certain spiritual frequencies, all thoughts and ideas are available for use.

To see Jeffrey's work is to experience a great spectrum of color with sound, energetic balance. He says that "Art's true gift is to raise consciousness individually and collectively." To understand Jeff's work is to realize and remember that everything in life is vibrating and in constant motion.

"Total balance is an illusion but by slowing down the brain's vibration rate the spirit can soar and make a connection with the surface where one is brought to an awareness of a constantly changing transition, where everything is in motion."

All his years have been spent searching for ways to incorporate sound with visual thinking. Now after 40 years in the wilderness, Jeffrey is ready to help lead the way into the new century.

Artist Statement ……. October 1, 2013
Jeffrey Weston

"We become caretakers of our immediate environment as we dissolve our personal ego/association
of seeing ourselves separated from the air and energy around us.
We start to see ourselves as part of the larger consciousness
and not as individual entities that exist separately and alone from everything else."

"Love is all around us if we but relax our grip on the personal ego (small self)
and become one with our surrounding environment."

Our consciousness then grows and we experience being connected with things felt and unseen,
thus breaking apart the thought of seeing objects in isolation, as they now become subjects and points of interest.
Things and ideas float in and through our minds as we become part of the larger patterns of creation."

Artist Statement ……. Summer 2010
Jeffrey Weston

Pure consciousness is a boundless non linear field. Everyone has the potential for enlightenment. Art is a value to society because it raises peoples' consciousness to places they would not normally achieve or acknowledge to themselves. It is a way for our whole world to achieve greater awareness of the connections we all have with the universe and thus point a way to understanding oneness with all of creation.

Artist Statement ……. Spring 2008
Jeffrey Weston

We stand in front of God, of Divinity, and all we can do is acknowledge the ultimate power of eternity.

We think in thoughts of words. But remember, that the words were originally made out of letters. And the letters were made out of interpretations of vibrations by those wise enough to have a relationship with the ever living moment.

Look at the materials around you. See the weaver's patterns for your life. Clear away the clutter in your mind. Hear the sound of silence. Close your eyes and see the light.

We are all doing the best we can at this instant with what we are aware of. How could it be otherwise? At any given moment, everything in the world is perfect in it's potential.
Our reality is determined by our beliefs.

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